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Goldendoodles - (standard, mini, small mini, petite mini, micro), Labradoodles - (standard and mini), Cavapoos,  Aussiedoodles (standard, mini  and petite mini), Bernadoodles (standard, mid-size, and mini)

At Bliss Kennels we have been breeding off and on for 23 years and very seriously for the past 12.  We breed Goldendoodles, Labradoodles , Aussiedoodles, Bernadoodles and Cavapoos. 


All dogs for breeding, both male and female are ours and on premises.

Woman With Her New Dog

"Just a Beautiful Experience, We Love Lola!"

Young Child with New Puppy

"We Love Champ. He Completes Our Home, Thanks!"





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Bliss Kennels: A Legacy of Love and Care

Are you looking forward to bringing in a beloved four-tailed companion? Well, you are at the right place! At Bliss Kennels, we pride ourselves on offering various breeds of dogs that you love. Whether you need Goldendoodles or Labradoodles, you can count on us to provide the species you need.


For over two decades, Bliss Kennels has firmly established itself as a beacon of trust, quality, and dedication in dog breeding. As one of the best dog breeders in Sussex, NJ, we seek to offer nothing less than perfection!

Nestled in the picturesque surroundings of New Jersey, Bliss Kennels has been more than just a breeding center; it’s a home, a sanctuary, and a family for every furry soul that has ever stepped paw here. 


Here’s Why Bliss Kennels Is A Reliable Dog Breeder In Sussex, NJ


At Bliss Kennels, we don’t just offer puppies; we offer love! With over 23 years of experience, our team goes out to breed select puppies you love!


23 Years of Breeding Excellence


Embarking on this heartwarming journey over 23 years ago, Bliss Kennels’ expertise and love for dog breeding has only intensified. Over the years, We have been breeding very seriously for the past, the kennel has been a monumental pillar in contributing to happy families and joyous individuals with their four-legged companions.


Here’s What We Offer


Goldendoodles: The Golden Choice


Standard Goldendoodles


These majestic ones walk gracefully, their lush golden fur shining in the sun. With their friendly demeanor and energetic nature, they are a family’s pride.


Mini to Micro Goldendoodles


Meet our range of smaller Goldendoodles - Mini, Small Mini, Petite Mini, and Micro. Each with its unique charm and cuddle quotient, they are apt for those who seek a smaller companion with the same joyful spirit.


Labradoodles: The Lively Companions


Standard Labradoodles

A mix of Labrador and Poodle brings together the best of both worlds. Their friendly and trainable nature makes them a favorite among families and singles.


Mini Labradoodles


Want all the Labradoodle love in a compact size? Our Mini Labradoodles are here for you. They carry the same charm, just in a pint-sized version.


Cavapoos: The Cuddly Crossbreed

A delightful mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, Cavapoos are the epitome of love. Their sweet nature and adaptability make them perfect for families, seniors, and singles. With their gentle temperament, they make excellent lap dogs.

Aussiedoodles: The Australian Charm


The Aussiedoodles is a mix between an the Australian Shepherd exactly hails from California


Standard Aussiedoodles


For those who love a bit of a challenge and a lot of play, our Standard Aussiedoodles are perfect. They are agile, intelligent, and ever eager to please.


Mini to Petite Mini Aussiedoodles


Desire the Australian charm in a smaller package? From Mini to Petite Mini, we’ve got you covered. They’re every bit as intelligent and loving, just in a more compact size.


Bernadoodles: The Bernese Mountain Stars


Standard Bernadoodles


A delightful blend of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle, the Standard Bernadoodles are gentle giants. They’re perfect for families and make excellent companions.


Mid-size to Mini Bernadoodles

Want the Bernese charm in a smaller size? Explore our range from Mid-size to Mini. Perfectly proportioned and always loving, these are the cuddle-buddies you’ve sought.

More than Just Breeders: We Are Family


At the heart of Bliss Kennels is a team that loves and cares for every dog as their own. This is not just breeding for us; it’s a passion, a commitment, and an ever-evolving relationship. 

Bliss Kennels thrives on a team united by an unwavering love for dogs. For them, each wagging tail and joyful bark echoes their deep-rooted commitment to these beautiful beings. The act of breeding transcends mere profession; it embodies a sincere passion and an undying dedication that grows stronger daily.


The team’s dynamic relationship with the dogs constantly evolves, matures, and deepens. As each dog has its unique personality, quirks, and needs, the bond that forms is unparalleled, reflecting mutual trust and understanding. It’s a symphony of shared glances, playful nudges, and silent promises.


When a puppy is born at Bliss Kennels, it’s not just the birth of a new pet; it’s the manifestation of the team’s unwavering devotion. These puppies, radiant with health and vitality, stand as living testaments to the kennel’s pure intentions and the meticulous care they provide. Every tiny heartbeat and every soft whimper symbolizes the culmination of dedication and the artistry of dog breeding at Bliss Kennels. Such commitment ensures that every Bliss Kennels puppy embarks on life’s journey equipped with love, care, and a promise of excellence.


Here’s What Makes Us The Best Puppy Breeders In NJ


Bliss Kennels boasts diverse breeds, making them stand out as a premier choice for prospective dog owners. From the elegant Goldendoodles to the lively Labradoodles, the affectionate Cavapoos to the smart Aussiedoodles, and the gentle Bernadoodles – every breed carries the signature Bliss Kennel’s touch of quality, health, and happiness.


Our Unique Touch: Home-Bred with Love


Every dog used for breeding at Bliss Kennels, both male and female, is a cherished part of the Bliss family. Raised and nurtured on-premises, this ensures unparalleled quality, health, and transparency in our breeding process. We don’t just provide puppies; we offer family members.

Bliss Kennels’ Contribution to Individuals and Families

Over the years, Bliss Kennels has bridged the gap between dreams and reality for countless individuals. Many have walked into Bliss Kennels to find their perfect furry companion and have left with more than just a pet – a friend, a confidante, or a family member.


The kennel’s unique approach, combined with its immense experience, ensures that every individual gets a pet that matches their lifestyle, personality, and needs. The heartwarming testimonials of numerous happy pet owners are a testament to the unparalleled contributions of Bliss Kennels to individuals and families.


Embark on a Journey with Bliss Kennels


As renowned dog breeders, Bliss Kennels welcomes everyone to be part of this beautiful experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or embarking on your first journey of owning a pet, Bliss Kennels promises a seamless, caring, and memorable experience.


Join us, and let’s create memories that last a lifetime, paw print by paw print. Welcome to the Bliss Kennels family, where every dog has a story, and every story is filled with love.




Northern New Jersey

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Call Us:  973-876-1680

*We charge NJ State Tax 6.625%, on all puppies & dogs*

We have been ranked the #2 breeder in NJ for Cavapoo's on 

We have been ranked the #1 breeder in NY for Aussiedoodles  on




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