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Goldendoodle Puppy for Sale


Cavalier King Charles Puppy

We couldn’t imagine our lives without our wonderful Cavalier. She has a sweet, playful and intelligent disposition. In fact, she doesn’t even know how to growl! Our dog is also very healthy, which is a testament to Bliss Kennel’s breeding practices and standards. I highly recommend them!! 

- Shelby S. -

Cavalier King Charles Dogs for Sale
White Goldendoodle

My mini golden doodle is beautiful, smart, fun and has a sweet disposition.  Steve Liss is a pleasure to work with.  He is responsive, reliable, honest, and caring.

- Madelaine P. -

Doodle for Sale

Why will I get my next doodle from Bliss Kennels? Because I know quality when I see it. I see the intelligence and manners in my Georgie. Such a loving, spunky, affection guy who thinks his 85 lb sleek physic can fit on my lap and somehow he does it. Every time I pick up my camera, he loves to pose. If you’re looking for a sweet, very smart and lovable guy like Georgie, give Bliss a call you won’t be sorry!! They are great!

- Marla S. -

Doodle Dog
Goldendoodle Pup

Thank you Bliss Kennels for our blessing, Murphy. From the day we brought him home he has been the most good natured, happy, intelligent boy we could have ever wished for.  The second night home he was sleeping through the night.  He took to going outside to do his business right away.  We started training at 4 months old and he was constantly the "demonstration dog" in class because he got the instructions right away.  Our groomer says he's one of the best goldendoodle clients she has and our vet says he's always got the cheeriest disposition.  We are so thankful!!

- Sybil J.. -

Goldendoodle Puppy
Golden Doodle
NJ Goldendoodle

We did not think we would have another dog so soon after having to put our 14 year old Wheaten Terrier down in November of 2017. I started following Bliss Kennels on Facebook and would scroll through looking at all the adorable pups. In January, you posted a single picture of a pup that was the last one. He had been spoken for but the family had to back out due to health reasons of their other dog. I saw the picture of the lone pup and thought he was so cute and showed my husband. He looked at it, said the pup was cute and continued watching TV. Several minutes later he asked me what kind of puppy it was, I told him. Several more minutes pass, I keep scrolling through FB. He asks about goldendoodles...I tell him what I know.  Several more minutes pass, “where is this puppy?” I tell him I don’t know exactly. He says we’ll find out. So I message Bliss Kennels...within the next hour I have a price, location, education on goldendoodles, and an appointment to meet the puppy the following night. My husband, 18 year old daughter, and I head to Bliss Kennels just to “look” at the puppy and talk about it with Steve. Once there, my daughter FaceTimes her older sister who is away at school to “look” at the puppy.  The moral is, you can “look” all you want, but that puppy had us as soon as we walked in. He is our 75 lb goofy, loving, uncoordinated, happy go lucky boy!! Steve is very knowledgeable and I know if I ever have any problems or questions I can ask them. We have been very pleased with our experience with Bliss Kennels!! I would recommend them!!!

Thank you for our Okemo!!

- The Edwards Family -

Goldendoodle Dog
New Jersey Goldendoodle
Golden Doodle Dog

Dash has surely changed our lives for the past 8 months! We got him a few months after being recently married. We can’t picture life without him now. He has such a personality. He is extremely loving and he even acts like a human. Dash is so friendly to everyone, and has taken a huge place in our hearts forever.

- Dash M. -

Goldendoodle for Sale
Goldendoodle Dog for Sale in NJ
Goldendoodle Dog for Sale in New Jersey
Golden Doodle Puppy
Standard Goldendoodle & Micro Goldendoodle
Standard Goldendoodle & Micro Goldendoodle for Sale

Bliss Kennels are amazing breeders. We got our Standard Goldendoodle in December of 2016 and she has been nothing short of amazing. She’s been healthy, easy to train and so lovable. We keep in touch with Bliss, as well as our litter mates, and love the community support even after we brought our puppy home. In February 2018, we decided to double the love our Bella girl gives us and brought home our second doodle from Bliss. This time a male Micro Doodle named Kobe. We couldn't be happier that we did, as they are absolutely perfect together! We recommend Bliss Kennels wholeheartedly and can't thank them enough for our Bella and Kobe! 

- Sue S. -

Micro Goldendoodle & Standard Goldendoodle for Sale
Micro Goldendoodle & Standard Goldendoodle
Micro Goldendoodle & Standard Goldendoodles in NJ
Micro Goldendoodle & Standard Goldendoodles in New Jersey

We got Husker on May 15, 2015 at 9 weeks old and he has been an unbelievable blessing to our blended family. From day one he has been the most loving and affectionate dog I’ve ever known.  He was easy to housebreak and is so well behaved that we don’t need to crate him when home alone. We can not imagine our life without him, and we hope someday soon to get another Bliss doodle! 

- Gina L. -

Doodle for Sale
Wavy Goldendoodle
Goldendoodle Pup

We added our first Goldendoodle from Bliss Kennels to our family 3 years ago. Gracie is the sweetest and smartest dog I have ever met. Two years later we decided that she needed a companion so we called Steve and he had a litter of toy Goldendoodles and that’s when we added Potter to our family. We picked him up in March 2018. Once again we fell in love. Potter is another smart and very sweet puppy. Come June 2018 my family decided that there’s room for another one and that’s how we got our micro puppy, Marley and yes she is smart and sweet! 
We are so happy with our doodles. Bliss Kennels has the best Goldendoodles. They have great temperament and they are gorgeous. Thank you Bliss Kennels for breeding the best dogs ever!

- Alicia M. -

The Absolute Cutest Goldendoodle
Large & Small Goldendoodles
Curly Goldendoodle
White Goldendoodle
Goldendoodles of All Different Colors
Black Goldendoodle
Apricot Goldendoodle
Black Puppy for Sale

Our Finbar Maginty is a wonderful puppy and is a fantastic dog.  He is very intelligent having earned his Canine Good Citizen medal from the AKC before he was a year old!  Finn is a silver phantom, standard Golden doodle.  He will be 5 years old on December 7th.

- DonnaLynn O. -

Black Goldendoodle for Sale
Black Goldendoodle Puppy for Sale
Black Dog for Sale
Black Standard Goldendoodle

This summer, we decided to acquire another Bliss Kennels puppy to keep our Finn company.  This is Maebh Cassidy who was born May 7, 2018.  She is a standard Golden doodle, too.  Nothing phases her and she is a passionate bug hunter.  The two doodles are great friends.

- DonnaLynn O. -

Black Dogs
Black Standard Golden Doodle
Tiny Dog

Bliss Kennels is the best Breeder! Steve answered all my questions early on and kept me posted on the progress of the puppies. 
His puppies are all healthy and the cutest things you have ever seen. Thank you Steve for giving us Morty. My family loves and adores him and we cannot imagine life without him.

- Anne S. -

Tiny Puppy
Micro Puppy
Energetic Puppy for Sale

By a twist of fate we picked up our Sofia February 2017. It was love at first sight! She’s so friendly and loving to everyone she meets! We even keep in touch with a few of her siblings and have play dates, pawties! Thank you Steve for breeding such beautiful puppies.

Sweet & Kind Pup

- Wesanne M. -

Northern New Jersey Dog for Sale
Northern New Jersey Puppies for Sale
Northern NJ Dog for Sale
Northern NJ Puppy for Sale
F1 Dog For Sale
F1 Puppy For Sale
F1B Dog For Sale
F1B Puppy For Sale
Adorable Goldendoodles

Best phone call I ever made was to Bliss Kennels. Harper and Bailey are the most amazing goldendoodles. Gorgeous, smart, and healthy. Thank you Steve for breeding these amazing pups! You are the best!

Cathleen L. 

Goldendoodle Doggie
Goldendoodle Doggy
NJ Cavapoo Puppy for Sale

When we saw how great the goldendoodle was that our son got from Bliss Kennels we knew that was the place for us to get our next dog. When the  cavapoo pups were born in July we knew that was the puppy for us. We were so fortunate to be able to work with Steve and his obvious love of his dogs. This all shows in the wonderful dogs he breeds. Our puppy Mayzie is such a dear sweet puppy and so much of that is from her beginning. Thank you Bliss kennels for our wonderful companion.

Nancy and Dave L.

NJ Cavapoo Dog for Sale
Little Girl Holding Her New Puppy

Baxter was born June 2018.  As soon as Steve posted that a litter of cavapoos was born I messaged him straight away because our girls had been asking for a puppy forever! Steve made the process so simple. He answered all of our questions (I had a lot as a first time puppy owner), and when the time came helped us surprise the girls! Baxter is such an amazing addition to our family, he’s sweet, smart, and adorable! We love him and couldn’t be happier! 

Heather O. 

Labradoodle Puppy for Sale

We were skeptical at first to trust a breeder when purchasing our first family dog. From the minute we met Steve, I was confidant that we not only had found the right breeder but the best dog for us! We could not be happier with our sweet Leo!!! Steve was very open and honest and answered all our (sometimes naive and silly) questions with patience and understanding. He is super knowledgeable and extremely open to any inquiries, without giving us any pressure at all to purchase. I would recommend Bliss Kennels to anyone! 

AnnMarie K.

Labradoodle for Sale
NJ Labradoodle Pup

After we lost our beloved labradoodle last Christmas, we knew we needed another one in our lives.  They have the best personality and can truly be called a “family” dog because they love everyone!  I was so happy to see one of our neighbors talk about Bliss Kennels on Facebook.  She had great things to say so I started to follow.  Everyone’s  comments were positive.   This was someone who really cared about the quality of his puppies and the breeds.  We were hooked!  The experience was easy, sent in a deposit and when pups are ready to go home, you go and pick your new baby.  Steve gave us a lot of information to take home,  but let us know he is always available to ask a question or two.    We have Brody now for 3 weeks.  He’s healthy and growing by leaps and bounds!  We love him very much!  Thank you Steve!

Magail L.

Cute Cavapoo

Bliss Kennels a dedicated and caring breeder. From the first time we spoke to Steve on the phone, we knew he was the breeder for us and that we were going to add a Bliss Kennels goldendoodle to our family. We visited the puppies a few weeks after they were born, and 8-29-18 we welcomed Tyson to our home.


He came to us at 8 weeks old and, amazingly, he was paper trained. He is so smart and very talented. Tyson loves to train and he gets along great with our older dog and 2 cats.  But, most of all, he loves people and we are considering training him as a therapy dog.


Steve has guided us in Tyson’s health and nutrition from day one. He has always been there to answer all of our questions. He is one of the most dedicated and caring breeders we have met and we are so happy very to be a part of the Bliss Kennels family.

Donna D.

Adorable Cavapoo
Brown Cavapoo
Puppy with Dog Toy

Steve, thank you so much for Emery. She is 3 months old now and we a loving her! She is beautiful and lovable. You breed gorgeous healthy pups and were a pleasure to work with. You are a wealth of knowledge and answer our questions quickly and accurately. THANK YOU!!!

Dale F.

Happy, Healthy Puppy
Dog on a Leash

Shiloh was a very calm Golden who at 6 years old was very lazy. Then along came Bailey our precious Goldendoodle. She changed our lives completely. She gave Shiloh a reason to get up each day. Bailey is the most people loving dog I have ever seen and I believe that is due to good breeding. Steve is such a dedicated and knowledgeable breeder. He devotes his life to seeing these puppies get the very best start in life. He has always been there no matter how many questions I may have had and he always gave his advise willingly and was never to busy to speak to me. Bailey is the 5th dog I've had in my life and never have I ever encountered a more knowledgeable and pleasant breeder. I live almost 3 hours away from Steve at the Jersey shore and I have met so many people down here who also have Bliss puppies. That's certainly speaks to the fact that people will travel anywhere to get the right puppy from the right breeder!!!!

Patricia G.

Puppy from Our Dog Kennels
Dog From Our Puppy Kennels
Puppy From Our Dog Breeders
Dogs From Our Puppy Breeders
Hybrid Dogs
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